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OR-TAV published the booklets of songs from the many song festivals of Israel: The Israel Song Festival, which became the Pre-Eurovision Contest, the Chassidic Song Festival, the Oriental Song Festival, and the Children's Song Festival. In a few cases, the booklets were issued by other publishers or the producers of the festivals. There are limited amounts of the booklets listed here, and they won't be reprinted. Come and get 'em!
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1970 Children's Song Festival
SKU: 19030
The winner: Shaike Paikov and Dudu Barak with "Lama kakha"

1971 Oriental Songs Festival
SKU: 19044
The winner: Avraham David Cohen with "Mamal'ackh ha-tov yofia"

1972 Chassidic Song Festival
SKU: 19042
The winner: Reuven Sirotkin with "V'havienu l'tsion irekha"

1972 Oriental Songs Festival
SKU: 19039
The winner: Shaike Paikov with "Bo-u nashir achim"

1973 Chassidic Song Festival
SKU: 19048
The winner: Chaya Arad with "Shir hama'alot" by Nurit Hirsch

1973 Israel Song Festival
SKU: 19047
The winner: Edna Lev with "At ve-ani noladnu b'tashach"

1974 Oriental Songs Festival
SKU: 19049
The winner: Yigal Bashan with "Likrat shabbat" by Avner Zadok and Nadav Medina

1975 Chassidic Song Festival
SKU: 19074
The winner: Amos Meller with "Shet'hi l'mishmeret shalom"

1975 Oriental Song Festival
SKU: 19075
The winner: Avihu Medina with "Eretz Ahuva"

1976 Chassidic Song Festival
SKU: 19076
The winner: Yehuda Wasserman with "Yechadsheihu" Second place: "Adon Olam" by Uzi Chitman

1977 Chassidic Song Festival
SKU: 19198
The winner: Avraham Rosenblum with "Hu yiftach libeinu"

1978 Israel Song Festival
SKU: 19187
The winner: Izhar Cohen with "Abanibi"

1980 Israel Song Festival
SKU: 19188
The winner: The Brothers and the Sisters with "Pizmon Chozeir"


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